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Where to Eat in Hermanus
Restaurants Reviews
Hermanus Restaurants Reviewed by Nosy Rosy

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Hermanus Restaurants Hermanus Places to eat cater for every taste under the sun, from Fish & Chips and Fast Food to Fine Dining to Boerekos' to Gourmet, Sushi to Italian, Indian food to French cuisine, German food to Swedish gravad lux, Chinese food to Fusion creations, Mediterranean Spanish tapas to Portuguese chouriço.

We are spoiled for choice in Hermanus and surrounds with good restaurants spread over the whole town and into the Hemel and Aarde Valley. Find our Hermanus Restaurant full list and articles on Restaurants in and around Hermanus. Hermanus Restaurants include pubs, cafes and bars. Many wine estates offer food & wine tastings and some are known for it's in-house restaurants. The Hermanus Restaurant list includes all styles, from elegant to relaxed to chilled-out garden restaurants and farm restaurant settings. The seafront restaurants are popular and are spread from the Restaurants at the New Harbour all along the shoreline to Voelklip.

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Restaurant at Wildekrans Wine Estate Botriver 

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The Botrivier Hotel Experience

Read our review on The Blaasbalk Restaurant at the Botrivier Hotel


Tapas Wine & Food Bar
Quayside Cabin
Annie se Kombuis
Moggs Country Cookhouse



Tel: 028 313 4840 e-mail: [email protected] 

From the outside, Tapas Bar and Grill may appear to be an eatery dominated by its bar; a place to go to for just snacks and a drink. For this establishment, however, the phrase “looks can be deceiving” can be adeptly used. 

Tapas boasts an excellent location: in the center of town mere meters from the sea. Vibrant décor adds to the casual yet festive atmosphere that is created through a cozy interior and jolly music. Tapas has a wonderful lineup of live performers whose music adds to the vivacity that is the heart of the restaurant. The outside area, a bit more removed from the hustle and bustle, promises to make summer days or evenings delightful and fresh. Although it is not a huge eatery in terms of seating, Tapas has a huge heart that thumps with life and friendliness. 

The service is remarkably quick, very efficient and knowledgeable regarding the items the menu has to offer. Even with this efficiency, one never feels rushed to order or to finish the meal and leave. The wine list has a selection that is concise but inclusive. Well compiled, featuring a large variety of local wines. Tapas has a good variety menu that does not aim to be too overreaching. From escargot to potato wedges to jalapeños to marinated artichokes, there is something to suit every palate, even the ones that are less exotic or adventurous. Vegetarians are well catered for in both the tapas and main menus. The menu does favour seafood slightly and although there is steak available this is not a place for those who love their steaks ardently. The pricing is very reasonable for the sizable portions that are given – even the items off the tapas side of the menu are filling enough to be a meal on their own. 

The food is presented with care and every item from the garnish to the bread is fresh and tasty. Each item of food is full of many different flavours that all work together splendidly without becoming overpowering. The seafood is soft and succulent and the meat is tender. The meals come with optional extras that are prepared with the same care and skill as the meals themselves. The dessert menu covers all its bases and is the cherry on top of a truly delightful meal. All the dessert is homemade with the same careful, personal touch that is given to all the food. For those with big appetites, there is also the option of a cheese platter. Tapas also offers a range of coffee for after dinner.

Overall, Tapas is a vibrant, friendly establishment with a casual, festive atmosphere and delicious food that will tickle the fancy of all people. 

Overall rating: Very good. 
Average price for a three-course meal excluding wine: R130 
Corkage: R30 

                     More about Tapas Wine & Food Bar Hermanus


Quayside Cabin
 From the seat of Delectable Dinah

This is not the place to visit if you dislike seafood - although the carnivorous ones amongst us are catered for in the form of a burger and chips. The restaurant is literally in a container - you know those big metal boxes most commonly found at the harbours - with a covered seating area that overlooks the harbour from ground level. The ambience is cosy and cluttered with various magazine write-ups adorning the walls amongst a plethora of sea-faring equipment from above and below. Wooden benches, plastic sheeting to protect from the elements and a bare floor are what awaits you when you first enter Quayside Cabin. The vibe is anything but formal and really what a fish-and-chips place in a seaside town ought to be. Starters range from Rollmops to fresh oysters and for the less adventurous types, fish cakes and smoked snoek samoosas will do the trick, or even a plate of scampi, and if there's a few of you why not ask for a platter selection of starters which they'll gladly create for you.

Fresh Kingklip always seems to be available plus a linefish of the day, and if you're in luck there'll be fresh Tuna on the menu too (although it seems a shame to ruin the delicate flavours of seared tuna with cajun spices, wasabi and soya sauce). The platters are always a good option while their Hake and chips is a firm favourite along with the prawn curry, the fish covered with sauce dishes seem to attract the tail-end of the fish and was a little disappointing. Portions are generous and are accompanied by either salad, rice or chips and a squeeze bottle of homemade tartar sauce, so no need for that all-too-familiar "please sir, can I have some more tartar sauce"!

If you're expecting silver service, Spiegelau glasses, tablecloths and napkins - take your own! The service is casual, friendly and efficient as well as the food and you'll be hard-pressed to find a piece of fresh fish for the same price.

The wine list is more than adequate, but a little unimaginative with the regular Nederburgs and Zonnebloems - that are, I have to admit good ol' reliables and value-for-money - which we're all quite bored with, however, you can bring your own for a corkage of R20.00, but, wait for it: The first two (750ml) bottles are free - now that we can all live with!

Desserts are pretty standard, but we just couldn't manage.

Average price for a three-course meal without wine: R110.00

Corkage: R20.00 after the first two bottles of 750ml - so you can't pull a fast one with a Magnum.

Value: Good enough to see Delectable Dinah there on a regular basis.

Quayside Cabin
New Harbour
Tel: 028 313 0752 - bookings advisable especially on a Sunday
Open for lunch Monday - Sunday
Closed on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings for winter.
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Moggs Country Cookhouse
 From the seat of Delectable Dinah

Its not many of us who are blessed enough to hop into our cars and meander through a beautiful valley rich with vines and fruit where we eventually come upon a little restaurant in the country! Be it good or bad weather, Moggs Country Cookhouse is the ideal getaway on a Sunday afternoon when the office and daily stress of life is left far behind you. I feel that at this point I should mention that a 4x4 is a huge advantage in getting there, but for the little-bug-car owners slowly does it!

Owner, Jenny Mogg, has over the last few years stamped her own unique character onto the restaurant that has become a welcome respite for the Donald Trumps of the world to us mere mortals, although I was pleasantly surprised to spot more locals than outlanders on this particular day, given that folk travel from far and wide to pay a visit.

The menu changes daily depending on whats freshly available and also whats ready for picking from the garden. Starters included a dish of seafood in cream sauce served in a Phyllo basket; roast beetroot, parsnip, bacon and feta salad with an orange dressing and a French onion soup with the Gruyere bread already dunked in the bowl.

Mains presented for the lunch were oxtail; lamb shank; pork medallion and a duck and chicken breast dish (unfortunately for you vegetarians out there pickings were slim). The dishes were presented beautifully and veggies come standard for the table and included butternut, sweet potato and spinach real country cooking at its best, glorious taste sensations and oh so aesthetically pleasing.

Service is informal and efficient it seems like all the staff share the restaurant duties so by the end of the day youve had a host of waitrons at your bidding. Chef, Gerard, is in the kitchen taking some slack off Jenny, and when shes not supervising there shes floating through the restaurant taking orders, chatting and just making sure that everyone is easing into a sweet abeyance.

Desserts for the day were a chocolate mousse cake; an apple and berry tart and homemade coffee and vanilla ice cream again I feel that as this point I need to elaborate a little THE ICE CREAM IS TO DIE FOR!

Youre welcome to take your own wines (no corkage), but if forgotten there is a small list that will get you through the afternoon. Credit card facilities dont exist here so bear in mind that cash or a cheque book need to be packed at the same time youre packing your wines.

Average price for a three-course meal without wine: R140.00
Corkage: Nada
Value: Good to great

Moggs Country Cookhouse
Hemel & Aarde Valley
Tel: 028 312 4321 - bookings essential
Closed for their Winter vacation until the 4 August

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Annie se Kombuis
Warrington Place - Harbour Road

Besides satisfying a need for the finer things in life, restaurants affect people and society in many crucial ways. They're a vital catalyst for tourists exploring the city and serve as a communication device. Luckily Hermanus has a trustworthy, traditional family eatery guaranteed. 
 Secretly hidden at the back of a cosy alley in Hermanus, is your home away from home, Annie se Kombuis. This wondrous haven encourages you to feel comfortable and relaxed upon entering.

The setting is vintage, and intriguing. Antiques and old photographs adorn the walls, giving it a classic farmhouse feel. This remarkable restaurant is also child friendly, which makes for an enjoyable dining experience for the entire family. My children licked every last morsel off their plates and thereafter insisted on dessert.

Lamb stew, babotie, chicken wings, and home-made ice-cream were chosen amongst many other tempting dishes during our visit. It was difficult to decide upon one particular dish when there were so many exciting options, such as Anita’s famous oxtail, (weekly regulars can vouch that the oxtail portions are generous and decidedly more-ish) smoorsnoek, offal, T-Bone, pap, sauce, kudu, eland, Oryx (Gemsbok), Springbok and ostrich fillets done to perfection! These meals are only a small preview of her appetizing menu.

 The lamb stew was delicious - it took me right back to my childhood, grandmother cooking over the hot coals on our family farm in Vanrhynsdorp, good old-fashioned “home cooked” food. The flavours on my plate perfectly accompanied the soft tender meat that fell off the bone. My first-born ordered the bobotie and said: “I cannot begin to describe how wonderful the first bite of the babotie tasted, it made my mouth water, this meal was beyond perfection.”  

The chicken wings were delectable, and a hands on meal, cleverly served on a kebab stick, and when the children wanted French fries – Annie smilingly obliged. Last but certainly not least on our lunch menu - was the creamy, home-made vanilla ice cream and chocolate sauce that definitely came out tops with the young set around the table.

Anita, the hospitable owner, made us feel special. She is a kind, professional, humorous woman, filled with stories and pleasant conversation. The waitress fulfilled our every request and we felt right at home.  

The wine list promotes the wine of the region and Annie places great emphasis on supporting the local wine estates in the Overberg region.

The portions are very fair and definitely worth the money spent! Our bill came to R258 excluding the service fee. The ambience will relax and refresh you. I highly recommend this unique Farmhouse restaurant.

Nosy Rosy
More about Annie se Kombuis....

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